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Big in Brighton

A weekend in Brighton with Angela Chick and Yannik Eilers. We had big ideas: making miniature underwater sets for Yannik to shoot using his new underwater camera. This didn’t happen, but we thought of these ideas to go with the underwater theme:

  • putting milk in the water to make it cloudy
  • underwater treasure coral
  • an underwater butcher selling horses and man-meat
  • an underwater office
  • putting dye in the water
  • putting our faces in the water

I did make the coral though. More of that soon. We made lots of other things, Yannik scanning in lots of images from old picture books and editing in Photoshop – they were mostly rude. Angela worked on more of her embroidery hoops, and made “a couple of really shit collages that I didn’t even like.” She also made us delicious food.

I collaged, and I collaged a lot. Here’s what I made:

Men statues: “they made people feel quite uncomfortable” Made on old photographic paper – words scraped on with a pin (ouch) and head collage.

ALL these things are about to take off. Arrow found in the weekend papers, strange words: ‘sno-cats, majestic peaks, penguins and seals, fur seals and colorful markets’ found in the index page of an old encyclopedia.

I found some men with interesting expressions. (best faces found in Money and Sport sections)

“Hi, are you coming out on the piss?”

Art, Drawing

Angela Chick and Yannik Eilers

Two friends of mine! The most creative couple I know! Angela Chick and Yannik Eilers are the best:


Little zippy pencil-cases, purses, cushions.

AND what a clever girl, she was in featured in ‘Indie Craft’ a book which “showcases the new wave of crafting – quirky, cutting edge, craft-based artwork.” You can buy the book on Amazon, here.


He makes miniture things

And draws people stood at the bus stop outside his flat (separate blog here)

OH! and they are two big-deals in ‘Handmade Brighton‘ the best shop in Brighton, selling independent artist’s wares.