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Summer Wedding

Hello me
I helped out with a wedding recently, a semi wedding stylist if you will. Main jobs were making cake stands and designing the look of the cake table, (the bride asked every one in her book club to bake a cake each, instead of the regular wedding cake) creating the place settings and designing the table plan.


Table Plan
I hand-cut everyone’s initial and stuck them onto the plan with velcro – this made it easy to make last-minute changes to the seating plan if guests couldn’t make it. They chose trestle tables – with couples sat both opposite and next to each other. I was hoping that the plan would spell out something, but it didn’t – not enough vowels. I would like to make something out of the letters, as a post-wedding present.
Cake table
The whole day was a dream. Bristol Florists Bella and Fifi worked hard on the flowers, they were gorgeous too – some wild flowers, all seasonal and locally grown.
Looking for a photographer in Bristol? All the above photographs were taken by Bruce, here’s his portfolio. He also photographs the Invisible Circus lots, so if you’ve ever been to one of those nights, you should have a look and see if you can spot yourself in the galleries.