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Thomas Forsyth’s drawing tops

Thomas Forsyth is a genius AND a nice man. He creates these:

A spinning-top, that uses a pen as the spindle, represents many of the core ideas behind my current work. It is recognisable, un-intimidating, and invites people to interact with objects that can lead to unpredictable results, or an emergent property. Simply through indulging in the enjoyable process of spinning the top a bi-product is created. Where the pen marks the surface, a beautiful map of the experience and events that have occurred is produced. I am able to draw, but I am not particularly talented at it and yet found that, through the interaction with these objects, I have created drawings that I am more proud of than any I have done before.

Have a look at his video here which gives instruction on how to make your own drawing top using very simple materials. I want to use drawing tops in my art workshops for Light Box: The Happiness Project. Here’s my trial using a DIY drawing top:

Thomas’s Drawing Tops are now available to buy at: (UK) (UK & Worldwide) Art-s-talker

Oh and here is his blog