50 FRAMES – A Video Project

Finally, the right music. This is the evolvement of the 1-second movies video I made two years ago. (not here online, but it will be) The project has felt a little bit like ‘You’ve Been Framed’ until I started playing with the music.

But joking aside, and this IS a funny video, but It has weight to it too. I have been creating this for 6 months. The clips within I have been collecting for 7 years. So many have been cut out, but that was a good process within itself. Chuck away the things you don’t need, which don’t make something better.

Music: Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love

Light Box

Busy with Light Box

March and the beginning of April have been packed with prepping for and getting into the swing of running Light Box. Here’s me and Lucy Duggan talking about the project:

Soon it’ll be streamlined and slick and I can start to put more into making things. Watch this space!