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Lovely week in the Studio

Creating a wall using hung drawings I’m working on (although they do flap about too much)

Frames ready to be cleaned/painted

Text project artwork, taken out of crappy frames and ready to go into re-restored frames. (Restored with love this time, not a deadline. )

Spraying the frames – smooth, matt finish.

Here’s a few, complete. I like hanging them and seeing them collectively, rather than wrapping them in cling-film straight away, ready for selling at Bristol Harbourside Market (more about that later, but for now, here’s the Facebook and the Twitter)

Sweet peas from the garden – one of the last batches. Lovely to have them in the studio

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What I’m working on

Intricate, time-consuming drawing. Using china markers, a grey/lilac colored pencil and some un-watered down water colour paint. I might say that this is the start of a project, I want to create a body of work to exhibit next year, possibly at one of the Bristol open studio events, or one of the Arts Trails. Every piece will be in the same vein as this one – an accumulation and a collection of hours, doing the drawings little and often, each piece will hold around ten hours of my time, spread over around a month. Little and often. Little and often.

Stone paintings: some stones left over from knocking down a massive wall. Like an attractive paper weight, and a good surface to work with. This one ain’t done, I want to fill it with lots of lines, like a precise Davenport!

Poppies: after collecting them for years and years, I’m at stage one of experimenting with my collected poppy petals (thousands) but this trial looked a bit Ikea – not quite what I’m going for, but maybe people would purchase?

Inky shower door: Better than glass because it’s got edges you see. Like my glue mould work from a couple of years back, I’m not working in ladles any more, but instead I’m using the flat surface. working with Drawing inks and clear glue (not pva!) I’m going to be adding lots to this. It takes a long long time to dry, so it’s another ongoing thing.

Tax disks, another thing I’ve collected long-term. Scavenged from scrap yards, it’s about time I got them out and made something with them. I’ll start by plonking them on my desk.


I found a poppy field

I finally found a field of poppies. Having searched for one for a long time (seems like you just need to happen upon one, no one knows where they exist) I was introduced to this one by my lovely boyfriend.

The poppies were quite sparse, but there were still thousands of them, and really tall too. The field was on the right hand side of the road if you’re joining the A46 towards Bath from the M4. Just a bit past the Marshfield bakery/dairy/ice cream place.

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Poppy Time

Cor the poppies are out already! What a surprise I got driving past Eastville roundabout. The best place to find poppies in Bristol. Hundreds and hundreds of poppy plants. I did ten minutes of picking, took them home and filled half of the Sunday paper and an hour of my time lining them up to be pressed for the 3 months they need before they turn beautifully translucent. Another batch for my poppy collection, part of my ongoing poppy project. I have been doing this for 5 years now and have thousands. Soon, it’ll become something but for now I am happy with the collecting and meticulous pressing (each petal needs to be completely flat and intact.)

Photos: Before-the collected petals. Middle-pressing them by lining up in a newspaper. After-incomplete petals and I’ve run out of time. Found-a small section of the crop.





Poppies, Thoughts

Portugal Poppies

I’m in Carveiro in Portugal, and during the week of extra holiday due to the volcano, I have been pretty bored.

I finished all my books:
– A million little pieces by James Frey
– The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
– Generation X by Douglas Coupland
– A box of Matches by Nicholson Baker

All were Great, especially the Murakami which I’ve owned for 4 years and never quite red. It’s massive. And I loved it, I can’t even describe it.

So after the books were all read, I started writing letters to friends, writing a ‘holiday journal’, writing a personal journal, playing shit-head, playing Angry Birds on my phone and walked around a lot.

There are lots of wild flowers here, many pathes of unkept land. Lots of birds and bugs and also lots of my favourite flower, the poppy. I have picked hundreds, all transported back to my hotel room to be pressed in my sketchbook. They will take a couple of weeks to dry and become super thin and dry. Ill add them to my collection of dried poppies, which i am going to make something with one day soon. They are so fragile and ephemeral, just what I like.



I have been collecting poppies for a couple of Summers now, They are so delicate – like the thinnest paper imaginable. My favorite flower by far. Wild flowers are incredible. It is a mission of mine to fine a field of poppies, and spend a few days pressing them, keeping them in a big book until they loose their moisture and then …. well, I don’t know, I haven’t got any further than imagining the joy of collecting them. I think it’s maybe enough to just collect. A poppy museum? I have to sow some seeds after the winter, I want to find some sneaky patches to plant some, where no one will miss them if I pick them. Imagine if you could write on seeds and when the plant grew, it had your words in the petals. That reminds me of those strange ‘grow your own boyfriend’ things you have to soak in water.

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The BBC tells you how to grow poppies: “Oriental poppies are easy to grow and almost thrive on neglect.” But I want plain old red ones, they are pretty enough.

So my question is: where can I find a field of poppies this Summer?