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Beauty is Embarrassing – Wayne White

Beauty Is Embarrassing is a  documentary chronicling the life and work of the artist Wayne White. I haven’t seen it, and I want to see it, but I don’t know how I can!

Whether he’s parading a twenty foot tall puppet through the Tennessee hillside, romping around the Hollywood Hills dressed in his LBJ puppet suit, relaxing in his studio pickin’ his banjo, or watching his children grow up much too soon, Wayne White always seems to have a youthful grin and a desperate drive to create art and objects. It is an infectious quality that will inspire everyone to find their pleasure in life and pursue it at all costs.

“art can be a 24/7 lifestyle, art can be fun”

“Do what you love. It’s going to lead to where you want to go”

Wayne White’s artwork is fantastic too. Here are a couple of his word paintings:

My favourite thing I have seen of his is the giant mask, seen in the movie poster above. I have in my pipeline, and I am constantly thinking about making excessive fancy dress costumes and too-big masks. More on this soon.

The director and team are trying to get the film into theatres. Apparently it makes people want to stop procrastinating and get on with those projects they have had in the pipe line for 20 years. Maybe you are inspired by Wayne and you want to help make this happen. Here is the Kickstarter page. They are looking for crowdfunding.

Images taken from Wayne’s Website

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Chat Roulette with props

Chat Roulette + friends + props = fun
Also, very interesting. Rosemary Kirton is exploring this in her final major project on her Fine Art Degree at the University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Her blog’s really interesting, and these two entries describe a bit about her work:
Rosemary is interested in the work of artist Marina Abramovic, who has just broken a Performance Art record by sitting for 700 hours. The audience is invited to sit opposite to her at a table, Abramovic looking into their eyes. Some last days, some last minutes. Here’s an article by the Telegraph about the work. Here’s  Rosemary’s blog entry about Abramovic