Collaging with Photos x 4

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Using crap photos taken with a Lomo Actionshot, here’s some more collage action.


Lomo’s are not broken!

After thinking that all my Lomo’s but the new one were broken, I have just had a little look at them, and two of the total four are ok! This week, I’m going to carry around my Pop 9, Fish Eye and Colour Splash and see what happens.


Elena Pop 9

It’s almost a shame that when you get your film developed at a photo developers, you have the choice of getting a CD for an extra £1 or £2. I can never resist, and it saves my time scanning. With the film I got developed from my Pop 9, I got the CD, and then cut up some of the prints, like this unflattering pic of Elena. Sorry Elena! She is the wrong way round too, but I like it.

You can buy a Pop 9 Camera for £35 on the Lomography website shop: linked here

One single 35mm shot produces 9 identical images on one print – instantaneously transforming the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art!”