The last Carny Ville by Invisible Circus!

The Carny Ville extravaganza returns to set Bristol city centre ablaze one more time! The cities most dynamic and spectacular outdoor circus theatre show returns, back by popular demand ! for one last Hurrah.

Staged in the austere confines of the former Bridewell island Police / Fire hq carny Ville is like a weekend at the craziest festival you can imagine condensed into one night ”

An incredible experience if you haven’t gone already, and if you’ve been many times before, this will be the best yet. Goodbye Carny Ville! 

Tickets available at Bristol Ticket Shop search ‘carny ville’ But it’s already SOLD OUT on both Fridays! 

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The Invisible Circus: St. Valentine’s day Massaquerade

“A night of heart breaking, soul shaking, rip roaring circus, theatre and spectacle played out to a seductive, melt your heart soundtrack from some of the hottest live bands and DJs around!”
The Invisible Circus’s St. Valentine’s day Massaquerade / Massacre / Masquerade is going to be incredible. This will be another sell-out event, and I have managed to get some tickets! As for the ‘Shotgun wedding’ dress code, I’m trying to think of something more exciting than just a plain old bloodied bride fancy dress costume. Any ideas?
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Invisible Circus Day of the Dead Ball

Sounds good! I am busy making my halloween costume(S?) and excited about this weekend’s Zombie Walk, and possibly this Day of the Dead Ball by the Invisible Circus. Carneyville was just so good, I need more! So the dress code is ‘dead cool’?? How about cucumber? Ugh I hate cucumber! Or dressing as your general dead person… but where can I find colored contact lenses?

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Carboot Circus

I am working on the things I’m going to sell at Carboot Circus. So much to make, and it’s limitless – I can make as much or as little as I like. Feeling like this is not the thing i want to be making, but knowing that it’s not far off.

The aesthetic is simple, but i am keeping to the three important elements of the things I make;

  1. Accumulation obsession
  2. Color importance
  3. Labour intensity

So that’s good! Thinking about studiospaces – There are possibilities of finding a free one here in Bristol, run down buildings and disused basements. If i had the space, i would make the big, messy and scary things.