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Peter Combe’s ‘Pink Interference’ and Rivane Neuenschwander’s ‘I Wish Your Wish’

Peter Combe, Pink Interference, 32″ x 39″, mixed media, 2009. ‘Artwork created from thousands of shredded Architect/Designer size household paint swatches in ordered/random placement.’

To me, this is perfect. The colour – a mix of sickly sweet and delicious – all mixed together, erratically but completely organised neatly, rows and grids, staggered and making the diagonal line in the lower half. How I want to touch it, would it feel like one of those butcher’s curtains? A piece of art where it’s so delicate, it’s only attached at one point, each paper could easily be torn.

This piece seems very similar to Rivane Neuenschwander’s ‘I Wish Your Wish’ where ribbons are silkscreened with one of 60 wishes left by previous viewers. Visitors can take a ribbon to take home, from a hole in the wall, in return for writing their own wish on a slip of paper and inserting it (in the ribbon’s place) into one of 10,296 small holes within the walls.

Rivane Neuenschwander, I Wish Your Wish, 2003. Silkscreen on fabric ribbons, dimensions variable. Installation view, St. Louis Art Museum.

“Rivane Neuenschwander is like a conductor of invisible orchestras: she engages external forces to make ephemeral art with sensuality and rigour but also with the lightest possible touch.

‘Ethereal materialism’

Secondary Stories (2006) consisted of brightly coloured tissue-paper circles of varying sizes that were blown by fans inside a false ceiling made of translucent plastic, creating kaleidoscopic compositions as they drifted about.

A lingering resonance that was hard to shake.” Kristin M. Jones (

Drops of water, bubbles, sprocket holes, hole-punched confetti, eggs, moons, constellations, and cascading zeros all play a role, sometimes as soundtracks or symbols of fragility. Much of her oeuvre is also about measuring passing time: calendars, both marking the past and rushing to the future.

Her maps, whether tracking visitors’ paths through the exhibition or presenting the blurred boundaries of those exposed to the elements during the rainy season are about creating new geographies for new explorations. New

Peter Combe’s Blog,

Peter Combe’s Twitter

An Article about Rivane Neuenschwander’s exhibition ‘A Day Like Any Other’ which contained ‘I Wish Your Wish’

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Linda Florence

“imaginative application of ‘fugitive’ materials – sugar, rust, iron filings, biscuits – recognising the floor a the most touched surface and yet the most  overlooked and least inspiring of surfaces.”

I read this in A-N magazine years ago, noted it down and now I don’t remember what the specific piece of art was. The online Linda Florence seems to be into wallpaper, but I remember her art being much more interesting than that.

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Big Inspiration from found images

This is going to be a big one… I have bought a new sketchbook and wanted to start this new burst of creation with taking a look at my inspirations. I’m forever saving images to the ‘Nice found  images’ folder on my desktop, but never really take the time to look at them, so I’m putting them up here, reminding myself and sharing them with you. I’ve tried to reference the images, but mostly I don’t tend to make note. If you own anything and want a link to you on here, no problemo, just email me or comment.

Balloon lady on the beach. My dreams sometimes look like this
Wu-Tang album art


Your breakfast is looking at you


Blissful photo by Sophie Robertson


All signs should look like this


Amber colors in jars


Big hairy/leafy window. They must have a big spider problem though, yuck
I think this came from Sophie Kern


Inside cover of a book


Breakfast themed poster


Big bear


Amazing colors on a floor. I can smell it from here – Marcus Linnenbrink


Peep hole


Alerted dog. I love his little face


Smily dog


Awesome puss


French Vogue interiors, as found by Adrienne Wroath


Bentleg Bentley aka Let’s Do Nice Things made this


French Vogue interiors, as found by Adrienne Wroath
Fairy lights photograph well


Big post-it installation


Cosy lions


Llama man


Old fashioned tennis


Zoomy eyes


Cracking colors


A nice color for a bedroom, with clouds too


Phillip Low – he makes diamond sculptures


Phillip Low – he makes diamond sculptures.




Flat-roof jumping. Nice prism


Sexy Scarlett shaving her legs


Little man-boys with big heads




Sophie Scaplehorn as Xmas tree decoration


Truly flowery wallpaper




Found this on the ‘Things Organised Neatly‘ blog. The next few things below were found there too:
MARTIN BOYLE. SWEET WALL RELIEF. 17 x 17 x 17 Rowntree fruit gums.

Abril Lamarque, 1930
Soap bubble popping – image by Joanna Goddard
Baby animals print by Sharon Montrose
This woman has a trapeze in her living room
Adrienne Wroath‘s Ink printing



Viktoriya S & Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Max Doyle
Rorschach test
Jessica Stockholder installation
Jessica Stockholder installation
Cyclops Squid made from Super Sculpty by Psticks
series of illustrations by André da Loba
Max Bill
Bowl found by from Debbie Powell 
Shark teeth
Dyed cats
Blurry lines