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Roughs for web staff profiles

Playing around. I’ve had ‘create my staff intro for website’ on my things to do list this week, for Light Box. Then I realised, I am creative director of this! The words come easy, but what about what this page is to look like. So I made this, and it’s so nice to get my brain out of ‘admin mode’ where the page format is correct and the printer keeps getting paper jams.

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Christiana Acouceiro

Image copyright, Cristiana Couceiro.
This lovely image just appeared on my screen. Cristiana Couceiro’s blog – Hue and Saturation – is great, you should look at it. And her website too. She is an illustrator living in Lisbon.
Her work is mostly computerised collage, and I love her appreciation of color. This piece is the start of a new project based on memory and time. everything she churns out is admired by me!