Farm Signs, Silly

Eggs, Logs. Farm Signs.

More Eggs Logs, I’ve already blogged about this, but it’s too good – and recently sprung up in my mind, as it regularly does.
Back in 2004, in one direction it read ‘Eggs Logs’, in the other ‘Logs Eggs’. Then it became free range, and then they’ve expanded their produce. I love farm signs, notice them, laugh at them. Look at that lettering, it’s divine. nice and slanty.
Eggs Logs 2004
Free Range Eggs Logs 2010 (Thanks Will Ablett)
Branching out Eggs Logs (Thanks Will Ablett)


Rankin Live

Whilst in london for the Surface/Space/Time exhibition, I went to see the Rankin Live exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery. Here’s the website – Rankin Live. It was fantastic, and really well set out, with the different groups of shots well defined – Photos of Rankin’s self portraits, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum (I definately have a thing about Heidi and Seal, how gorgeous they both are, their kids, their yearly anniversary fancy-dress party. I’m thinking of buying ‘Heidilicious’ by Rankin – only £31 on Amazon!)

Copyright. Image courtesy of Rankin

Rankin himself was there doing his Live Shoot, the website is constantly being updated with the new photographs taken every day (up to about 25 portraits a day) The gallery was empty whilst I was there, so I was 2 feet away from him and his team, watching him at work, it was quite surreal, a great experience. I would love to be an artist working away at my big exhibition. Here you can see the Live Shoot page.

The Old Truman Brewery is where I had my London Free Range Degree show, back in June last year. At Rankin Live, you walk in from the street, up two flights of stairs and then into the room (he’s split it up with lots of false walls) I was looking for my apple circle – when I exhibited ‘Sense’ there, I set it up without a floor protection, and a dark circle was left in their place. But the circle was nowhere to be seen – they must have scrubbed away at that floor.

One of my favorite things ever is Photobooth photographs – the ones which have four snaps in a vertical line. You could take your own photobooths at the exhibition, and only £2 a go! I NEED to have a photobooth for myself. one day! I have quite the collection of found and acquired photo booth pictures, maybe it’s time I did something with them?

Some things:
Great Andy Warhol Photobooth shots
Square America has some old ones
The Old Truman Brewery is right by 93 Feet East
Photoautomat was the Rankin booth. You can hire it!
Photoautomat’s Flickr group