Pottery & Ceramics

Makings in 2015

Out with the old, in with the new. So very excited to be making a load of new pottery items in 2016. All of the above is sold and that to me is very exciting – what started as a lump of clay is now adorning a fire place / holding flowers / being looked at lovingly.

I’m going to be selling my pottery online as Barfoot + Duggan, as soon as I have some of my new stock fired and ready to go.

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Preserved Flowers

Hello Spring! The blossom is everywhere, I want to cut some and put the branches next to my bed, but the little petals fall off so quickly.

Today I found this lovely Etsy shop – Flores Del Sol –  from the Cup of Jo blog. They’re so beautiful. I love thistles!

Here’s a little site about drying flowers.



I have been collecting poppies for a couple of Summers now, They are so delicate – like the thinnest paper imaginable. My favorite flower by far. Wild flowers are incredible. It is a mission of mine to fine a field of poppies, and spend a few days pressing them, keeping them in a big book until they loose their moisture and then …. well, I don’t know, I haven’t got any further than imagining the joy of collecting them. I think it’s maybe enough to just collect. A poppy museum? I have to sow some seeds after the winter, I want to find some sneaky patches to plant some, where no one will miss them if I pick them. Imagine if you could write on seeds and when the plant grew, it had your words in the petals. That reminds me of those strange ‘grow your own boyfriend’ things you have to soak in water.

Image courtesy of www.coventrybirder.co.uk

The BBC tells you how to grow poppies: “Oriental poppies are easy to grow and almost thrive on neglect.” But I want plain old red ones, they are pretty enough.

So my question is: where can I find a field of poppies this Summer?