Barfoot and Duggan, Silly, Text

More ‘Shit Joke Book’ Illustrations

Getting some of these illustrations done, rather fun today in the sunshine. I’m illustrating some of the words in the jokes, usually the punchline. Things like ‘Breasts, bum fruit, his poo was on holiday, it is dead, eek, free and kiss a potato really hard.’ All are shit jokes made up by kids. All the words I am making using nicely sharpened pencils, coloured graphite and viscous watercolour paint.

Q. What do you call a snail with no shell?

A. It is dead.


bum fruit holiday poodead Eek freekiss potato


Drawings for Sam

Yesterday I had a great full day in the studio, the first dedicated day in a long time. I found myself doing the very important things (London exhibition prep) and then the stuff which has no serious deadline (presents for people, friend/family commissions, tidying) It was great to get both of those categories of things worked on.

These three are for my great friend Samuel Rogers, who sent me a delightful package recently. I am starting to gather things to send back to him. The drawings are mono-print replicas of Warhol’s ‘Unidentified Male’ 1957.