New Years Day Collage


Yep, there is is. The first collage of 2013. I’m not going to overcommit to a ‘one a day’ thingy, but I want to commit to generally ‘doing more’ collaging. The stripy orange bit is an airplane sick bag, the chap+house from a skating mag, a building from a real photo and a bit of orange from a note pad. I signed it and everything!


Collage, Organisation, Process

Sketchbook Scans: new stamp


A birthday, two new cut-out stamps. I’m making smaller circles from my tax disk collection and also cutting up the Korean financial times, wth a stamp-shaped cutter. Problem is, when you discover a new tool like this, you want to make stamps and shapes out of everything. These two are sketchbook scans, may go further with the financial times stamps… en mass. ?

Collage, Silly

I bought this beautiful spiral coloured notebook from Muji. This is the start of a project where I create a collage every time I buy the weekend papers. The collage will be in the book, on an appropriately coloured page. There are 36 sheets, it’ll be like a collage-newspaper of the year’s news. I’ve started working on the first, using the naughty silicone breast implant doctor. So look out for this project, I’ll be posting all 36. But here are two practice collages, it’s been a while since I made collages you see.

Muhammad Ali kind of footballing, with Harry Redknapp’s suit on and a party hat too.

Poor Glenn Close / Margaret Thatcher AKA The Iron Lady, I folded her face (move over Ross Kemp)

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Forgotten work

A new year de-clutter. I’ve been organising things on my computer better. Part of this involved wading through thousands of photographs, deleting and shifting around. Collating the images of things I’ve made into one big folder. It’s been a bit of a mission, but also enjoyable to be reminded of things I’ve created/found and forgotten about, such as these:

Collages, all together.

These beautiful keys, which belong to the caretaker at Redland Girls School.

Trying new methods of drying the ‘glue moulds’ this patch never, ever dried.

Complete glue moulds, peeled off a strong plastic surface. So brightly coloured although I never used much ink.

My father’s difficult hand writing. A bad list! More of a statement.

The first sewing drawing, during a residency at a secondary school.

A little brainstorm which sums up everything. Colour and repetition.

Collage, color, Light Box

Sketchbook Scans: Collage

Fantastic new studio (photographs soon) and a successful Light Box mean that life is good. Here’s some stuff I’ve been making in my sketchbook recently. Now I have some big space and a fortnights holiday, I plan to make some big things, get out of the sketchbook and onto the floor.

Here’s the Collage stuff. I can’t get enough. I have some beautiful origami paper from Muji which supplies the vibrancy.

Collage, Text Project

King Collage and Words

I am feeling like i really need to make some collages. This was the first in years. Nice scary faced man.

I’ve started a new cut-out-text piece, quite fittingly it says ‘This Is It’ but i’m trying to this of other good things to spell out. Nothing too cheesy, something life-affirming maybe, but short. Or nice words, or meaningful words. What do you think? Please help!
Things i have thought of so far:
Yum yum