Pictures from recently

  • A birthday present, both wrapped and unwrapped
  • Sobraine cigarettes as birthday presents
  • Chair painting for Light Box
Photography, Thoughts

My Birthday Polaroids

I miss my birthday, I had such a lovely time, the best ever birthday!

Polaroid websites:
Fifty Rooms: Mostly naked polaroids (Adults only)
Polanoid: We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography
Polapremium: the best place to buy Polaroid and other film
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Birthday Pinata

What a lovely birthday party! Gorgeous location, amazing friends and family, and beautiful weather. I could not have asked for anything more.

The pinata went down very well, lots of bashing, here’s a sped-up vid of the bashing, the original is 8 minutes, but that’s here too.

More pinatas coming soon I think, in the fruit/veg form. It took Mia and I ages, but It was so beautiful! and so fulfilling to wack.