I found a poppy field

I finally found a field of poppies. Having searched for one for a long time (seems like you just need to happen upon one, no one knows where they exist) I was introduced to this one by my lovely boyfriend.

The poppies were quite sparse, but there were still thousands of them, and really tall too. The field was on the right hand side of the road if you’re joining the A46 towards Bath from the M4. Just a bit past the Marshfield bakery/dairy/ice cream place.

Bristol, Cycling

Cycling Club

I’ve been organising this lovely bike ride from Bristol to Bath and back. We just cycled our fourth journey. It’s so lovely, spending the day with friends (a mix of friends, and my separate pockets of friends are becoming friends with each other and friends are bringing their separate friends and integrating them too.) I want to extend it more to others – maybe on Twitter more. And now it’s Spring, the weather wil be on our side more, and more time can be spent in the lovely beer gardens in Bath and between. On the this bike ride, I took some bike portraits of the eight of us, a nice little record.

Art, Text Project

Walcot Street Market in Bath

Yesterday, my friend Holly and I set up a stall at the Walcot Street Market in Bath. It was a beautiful day, and our first time selling on a stall together. It worked really well, we think our illustration and artwork is not too similar to drown each other, and not too different either. The work contrasts and compliments each other.

We aquired stand-things from a lovely lady called Rachel. She had 2 great tables, tablecloths, card stands, boxes to lean prints on and a trestle to hold more prints. As this was my first market stall, it was great to be lent everything we’d need, otherwise the cost of all that would have outweighed the profit. I may have to look into getting some of this equipment if I choose to persue selling at stalls. We also put up some beautiful bunting which my nan made for me, and pegged some greeting-cards to the front of the table.

The location was pretty good, not excellent though. the hussle and bussle of Bath was at the end of the road, and all the passers by were just doing that – passing by. Our stall did catch some peoples eye, but we were not pitched in the main market area, which could have made it more successful, but who knows. We’re planning on trying out another market in Bath soon, we’re trying to find the one which suits our work best, has the right people attending it, and is the most successful.

Holly’s website is HERE and she keeps a lovely blog on blogspot HERE. The ‘Walcot Street market’ is also called the ‘Bath flea market’ and HERE is a link to more info about it for sellers