Building drawings – a long time coming

I collect a small amount of imagery. Nothing bonkers, not a true collection, but a selection of things I like, which I tear out, print out, keep.

I used this library a lot last year when I was pattern designing. It felt very satisfying to be churning the images in my brain, making them useful, my hand / track pad creating something new with them as the inspo.

I loved this image of a building block. Last year I took it straight into Photoshop and repeated it, (almost making a pattern already) and today I finally FINALLY sketched from it.


A weekly Date

Thursday – I made a commitment to myself to grasp onto the legs of ‘making things’ – being creative in the ways I remember and miss.

A weekly date with myself, this 1 hour block is to be spent away from home, and today, the start of this weekly commitment, came with a cafe breakfast and a strong coffee. Fuel.

I picked out things from my materials which I felt like picking out – – – paper in the right colours, pencils, scissors and double sided tape, my pouch of nice imagery ready to use for collaging and a few other things. Trying to keep it selective.

And I went to a cafe

And I made stuff! 2 small things, here they are.

And it felt good. Making something because I said I would. Shoutout to my JM for keeping me accountable!