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Pottery & Ceramics

Making My House Number

Just moved house, and to dived straight into the project of making a ceramic house number. Scary stuff, flat things are difficult to fire in the kiln, and at a high risk of cracking – especially when it comes to screwing it into the wall.

Paper resist was the technique I used for this, and royal blue works quite nicely with the brick work.

Lucy BArfoot Ceramic House Number

Lucy BArfoot Ceramic House Number2

Onwards! To more home-projects!

Pottery & Ceramics

Mottled Blue


He’s nice isn’t he! A truly one-of-a-kind piece of mine. My glazings do not normally look like this Oceanic blue vase with painterly glazing. I used blue stain, blue paint-on-glaze (applied with a hair-dye application squeezy tool), and blue mottled glaze over the top. I then cleaned off the top, leaving the rim with just a dip of transparent glaze.

This piece is for sale over at Barfoot + Duggan, and mid-feb I’ll be listing all new vases for sale.

Bristol, Pottery & Ceramics

Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail 2015

This year I had the delight of being part of Totterdown Arts Trail. I was exhibiting (and selling my pottery) alongside Angela Chick Illustration and her wall of cards, Grace Guest’s beautiful tiles, and my Barfoot + Duggan cushions and kids bed-sets. Hunger Management were providing the most delicious and warming food, and Graham the cat was keeping us all company on the sofa.

Follow Totterdown Front Room Arts Trail on Facebook to be kept in the loop – plus they’re currently looking for committee members. And I’ll be looking forward to being part of it again next year.


Pottery & Ceramics

Makings in 2015

Out with the old, in with the new. So very excited to be making a load of new pottery items in 2016. All of the above is sold and that to me is very exciting – what started as a lump of clay is now adorning a fire place / holding flowers / being looked at lovingly.

I’m going to be selling my pottery online as Barfoot + Duggan, as soon as I have some of my new stock fired and ready to go.

Pottery & Ceramics, Process

Tall Skinny Vases, round 2

Lucy Barfoot skinny vase Lucy Barfoot skinny vase

Tall and Skinny pots a gogo. Making 5 of these, a set, all as close to being the same as I can manage – something I haven’t done before. Repetitive making satisfies me, and getting these as thin as possible has been my aim. Working with the additional loops, and lots of ideas developing for what’s next. Planning on glazing these with painted on rutile stain, simple white and transparent glaze and possibly splashing out on some antique gold glaze to drizzle. I’ll be updating stage-by-stage so watch this space.

Lucy Barfoot skinny vase Lucy Barfoot skinny vase
Pottery & Ceramics

Hands Can

Lucy Barfoot Pottery hand

Some of the first things I made at pottery class were hands. There’s a lot of palm-based pottery and back when I started I was gazing at Pinterest for Pottery inspiration. Looking back, it was a great place to start – hands moulding to the shape of your own hands, a simple shape which we all know so well.

Loved dipping the fingers in antique gold, and loved giving away and/or dropping and smashing all of the hands depicted here. It’ll soon be time for more hands, I recon.

Lucy Barfoot Pottery hand Lucy Barfoot Pottery hand

Lucy Barfoot Pottery hand Lucy Barfoot Pottery hand


Pottery & Ceramics, Process, Sketchbook

Keeping a pottery notebook and testing colour & texture


Something I couldn’t not do without at the pottery studio is my sketchbook – a record of glazes, processes, what works and what doesn’t. I’m a big fan of keeping note and have got into the habit of making keys for colour and texture.

IMG_5397   Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 17.13.21

This is a colour wheel I made. I noted which colour is which, so if i find a shade/overlap of slip and glaze I love, I know what it is. Without this, I find it hard to choose which slips and glazes to use – they are stored in tupperware boxes, and the colour is written on the box but the wet slips only show their colour once fired – it’s like a lottery unless you have a key.

Texture tests! I made this because I want to be adding more texture to things, and i want to be nimble about it, rather than having to wait to experiment with a texture – I did lots of texture experiments all at once, and laid out each texture tool next to the mark it made. I’ll now print this pic out and wack it into my sketchbook.

Pottery & Ceramics

Plantpots for Avocados

2015 has been the year where I said that every avocado I eat, I will try to grow a plant from its stone. So far, so good. They take a LONG time, but it’s worth it – lovely vibrant green leaves.

I have combined my Avo Project with my pottery making and now each avo will have a nice homemade pot as a home. Each pot has a few drainage holes and experiments with glazing brushstrokes.

I’ve given a few of these away, but will be saving the rest to display and sell at Totterdown Arts Trail later this year.

Pottery & Ceramics

Pottery Mouth and Ceramic Teeth

Lucy Barfoot Tooth Pottery2 Lucy Barfoot Tooth Pottery

Making these little teeth in pottery class is incredibly fulfilling.

Sculpt 3 teeth a week > leave them to be fired.

Week 2 you have 3 teeth to glaze > leave them for their second firing. Sculpt 3 more teeth.

Week 3 you have 3 complete teeth. Glaze 3 more. Sculpt 3 more.

You get the jist.

Lucy Barfoot Mouth Pottery Lucy Barfoot Mouth Pottery2

Mouth pot! This gruesome mouth was part of a ‘Cornucopia’ project, where we had a brief to make a vestibule for our favourite food, to celebrate at the end of term party (and Potstop’s 20th birthday!) The finished piece also had to have a haiku inscribed into it, about that favourite food of yours.

So mine was a big mouth, it held fizzy sweets and sherbets. And now I’m left with a big mouth bowl.

DSCF0014DSCF0012  DSCF0016

Pottery & Ceramics

Lilac + Sun Yellow textured pots


Three pots here, plant pots (see those drainage holes) made by rolling clay out super-thin and using a pringles tube as a shape template. Playing with pattern here. Inlay again, and texture made by scraping clay out. Both took a long time, but this was the point – take time and make something with a lot of attention to detail. With pottery, I find this hard.

Lilac slip, sun yellow glaze, splattered on Copper Oxide with a toothbrush (needs more of this I think) and Matt Glaze on top of all that. This was a success! I’m finding out more glazings I like.