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Flyer for Light Box Exhibition

This was yesterday’s job, 4 hours of flyer design. Is that fast? I’m not sure, but i’m really pleased the the outcome. I nipped around cutting textures and shapes out of magazines, looking at other flyers for inspiration, scanned the best texture and the best shapes in, used a photograph of our painted pistachio shells, in a triangle formation (which links brilliantly to the content of the exhibition) 5,000 being printed right now, and will be looking at you from tables in various Bristol locations soon

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Sketchbook Scans: Collage

Fantastic new studio (photographs soon) and a successful Light Box mean that life is good. Here’s some stuff I’ve been making in my sketchbook recently. Now I have some big space and a fortnights holiday, I plan to make some big things, get out of the sketchbook and onto the floor.

Here’s the Collage stuff. I can’t get enough. I have some beautiful origami paper from Muji which supplies the vibrancy.

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Roughs for web staff profiles

Playing around. I’ve had ‘create my staff intro for website’ on my things to do list this week, for Light Box. Then I realised, I am creative director of this! The words come easy, but what about what this page is to look like. So I made this, and it’s so nice to get my brain out of ‘admin mode’ where the page format is correct and the printer keeps getting paper jams.

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Lomography 10 Golden Rules

Just made this, a poster of Lomography’s 10 Golden rules to use in the Light Box shop for the Appreciation of Beauty workshop, where participants get to use Lomo Cameras (Fish Eye, Mini Diana and Actionshop Flash) to take photographs. I aways knew of the 10 golden rules, but making this here poster just refreshed it all for me, feeling very inspired! Click here for a lager size and to zoom.

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VIA Character strengths

Authentic Happiness is a brilliant website full or resources and questionnaires about the very broad subject of happiness. I completed the VIA test on Character Strengths, which takes about 15 minutes of your time, and provides you with a list of your character strengths – in order – so you can see your top and your bottom strengths. It’s really interesting, and the website saves your results so you can go back months later and see if you’ve gained any new strengths. All three of us here at Light Box completed the test, and turns out that we are all sharing some strengths. Myself and Kath have 4 of our top strengths in common!

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Thomas Forsyth’s drawing tops

Thomas Forsyth is a genius AND a nice man. He creates these:

A spinning-top, that uses a pen as the spindle, represents many of the core ideas behind my current work. It is recognisable, un-intimidating, and invites people to interact with objects that can lead to unpredictable results, or an emergent property. Simply through indulging in the enjoyable process of spinning the top a bi-product is created. Where the pen marks the surface, a beautiful map of the experience and events that have occurred is produced. I am able to draw, but I am not particularly talented at it and yet found that, through the interaction with these objects, I have created drawings that I am more proud of than any I have done before.

Have a look at his video here which gives instruction on how to make your own drawing top using very simple materials. I want to use drawing tops in my art workshops for Light Box: The Happiness Project. Here’s my trial using a DIY drawing top:

Thomas’s Drawing Tops are now available to buy at: (UK) (UK & Worldwide) Art-s-talker

Oh and here is his blog

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Painting on chairs

An idea for painting chairs came after seeing some of Hernan Paganini‘s work. He uses a lot of natural materials and this installation: ‘Anthill’ gave me lovely ideas of re-painting old wooden chairs, a bit of restoration so they don’t squeak and groan, then delicately painting rings around the legs, and strips of color across the seat and backs. There will be lots of white, just tiny accents of selective colours. I can’t wait to get to it! These chairs are going to be found from the reclaimers and used for my Light Box workshops. We need about 30 of them, eek! Time to hunt for volunteers!

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Launching the Light Box blog

I have just launched the Light Box blog on Blogger! I did have the blog in the Light Box website, but I think blogs should be kept on blogger – they get more hits, people can follow them easier, and it’s much more simple to blog on Blogger. It’s a great feature of Blogger – being able to have more than one blog. and I can allow Lucy D to write for the new blog too, perfect.

Incase you didn’t already know, Light Box is my charitable organisation. I am one half of its management, the Creative Director. We run a series of art workshops which advocate positive psychology, and had a manic month in March where we held 40 workshops, all free, in an empty shop in Bristol.

We’ve just finished writing our project report, and are now very busy patting ourselves on the back whilst thinking about the next project – which is to have our own premesis for a whole year, teaching stand-alone workshops and also courses, all for free to everyone and anyone.

Please have a look at the blog and spread the word!

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Barfoot and Duggan Biography

Lucy Barfoot and Lucy Duggan met on Remembrance Day 2008 at 4pm. Barfoot got there first, and asked a lady in Café Kino, the designated meeting place, ‘Are you Lucy?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes.’ But she looked confused. So Barfoot asked her, ‘Are you the Lucy that’s meeting Lucy?’ And she said no. Duggan came in moments later.

The meeting had been arranged through Gumtree, the local ad website. Barfoot had replied to a posting of Duggan’s, which requested people’s to do lists. As Barfoot was a list collector herself (shopping lists), lived up the road and was also called Lucy they decided to meet up and swap lists in person to save on postage.

That day in Café Kino, Barfoot and Duggan decided they would make a joint installation of their lists. This can be seen at Centrespace Gallery off Corn Street in Bristol from October the 8th and is called ‘There’s more to Life than Lists’ They became friends and more creative plans soon followed.

Less than a month after meeting, Barfoot and Duggan did a three day stall at Carboot Circus, an alternative Christmas fair. Here they sold Thread Bears, the last ever Woolworth’s Pic’n’Mix sweets, monster umbrellas, blind drawing portraits and big face Polaroids. It seemed to make people really happy. And here the idea for Light Box was born.

Light Box is Barfoot and Duggan’s creative inclusion scheme. Here we provide workshops to increase wellbeing. These combine visually creative activities with techniques from the field of positive psychology.

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Barfoot and Duggan mega-meeting

Yesterday’s monthly Barfoot and Duggan meeting was incredibly productive. We spent ages thinking of the name for our empire – what is referred to as the ‘Central Arts Project’ It’s so hard to think of a good business/charity name, without sounding too children presenter/life course/ironic/apprentice. We read through the dictionary, thought about alliteration, rhyming, syllables, looked at lyrics, the best film titles, band names – all as inspiration. And still we did not come up with the final name!

However, We did design our Logo, which looks great. And now it’s time to look for more funding options, and to design the website.

We also made a little trip to Harvey Nichols where we took some photographs of us in very expensive designer clothes. Here we are wearing £1300. This picture is on our new business cards.