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Summer Lomo Fisheye

Finally back in the game of ‘taking pictures and then developing them’. Such a thrill. Here’s a couple, Hot mid-Spring/Summer barbecues and Empathy’s 10th Birthday @ Dojo

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How delicious does this look? A Mojito, with lots of fresh mint and crushed ice. I’m longing for summer and longing for a cocktail party. But back to winter and hello Amaretto!

Here’s a recipe for an ‘Italian Breeze’ cocktail

1 shot of white rum
1 shot of amaretto
1/2 shot of pineapple juice
1/2 shot of cranberry juice
Serve over ice

Limoncello Recipe

Take 1 cheap bottle of vodka add the zest of 4/5 lemons ( &/or unwaxed) leave to mellow for 10 days or more shaking once in a while Mix 450ml of water + 450g of white granulated sugar (or half white, half natural for a nice golden colour) bring to the boil and then simmer for 15 mins Leave to cool before introducing the vodka Strain through a sieve, mix up and pour into 2 clean sterilised bottles. (750ml of vodka makes 2 x 750ml limoncello) Now you’re supposed to leave to ‘infuse’ for a month, but even after 1 hour it’s still good!

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There’s More to Life than Lists Exhibition

Crystal Maze geodesic dome

There’s More to Life than Lists

When: Friday 9th Oct to Thursday 15th of Oct From 10AM-5PM daily

We are building a two-man wind machine. Thousands of To-Do lists, collected from anonymous donors will be circulated in this machine, and participants will be trying to collect these flying lists. This is surrounded by an accumulation of grocery lists covering the walls from floor to ceiling.

The uncontrollable nature of wind is a metaphor for the chaotic and the unpredictable way that life is. The attempt to grab these lists parrots the way in which we struggle to maintain a sense of order – to discern a meaningful pattern in our lives.

The grocery lists raise questions about the disparate way in which we, in our society, live in such an atomised way. Disintegration of kinship and communities is reflected by how we eat; in small numbers or alone.