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Cycling Club

I’ve been organising this lovely bike ride from Bristol to Bath and back. We just cycled our fourth journey. It’s so lovely, spending the day with friends (a mix of friends, and my separate pockets of friends are becoming friends with each other and friends are bringing their separate friends and integrating them too.) I want to extend it more to others – maybe on Twitter more. And now it’s Spring, the weather wil be on our side more, and more time can be spent in the lovely beer gardens in Bath and between. On the this bike ride, I took some bike portraits of the eight of us, a nice little record.

Cycling, Silly

Hunched Cyclist

I am  hunched cyclist myself, complete with a stuffed backpack. I like seeing fellow hunched cyclists (mostly hunched over racers) and I would like to draw one. In the meantime, I found these images to remind me of the hunch.

Bristol, Cycling


In lots of places, lots of people are doing some extraordinary things. This morning, after a good long Skype with my sister in New Zealand, I knew I wanted to do some blogging, find some new stuff, get on twitter, snoop around the internet a bit. So here’s a great thing I found:

Now Say Hello is a one-man mission to make London more sociable via a bicycle. Bruno Clarke cycles a lot and has created a point-scoring system for human interaction whilst on his journeys:

Me saying hello – 1 point
Getting a response – 5 points (unless it’s aggressive or rude)
Getting a conversation – 10 points
Getting a joke – 20 points

He’s noting down his efforts and scores on the blog, like this:

Saturday 10th July

60 points – ok so it’s a slightly made up number, but I think it’s fairly representative of the day.  I cycled 117 kilometres to Brighton with many a country hello and nod along the way.  Was a lovely ride.  It’s no Tour de France, but I was still pretty please for a lone effort on a hot day.

Thursday 8th July

5 points – after my fellow cyclists, a lady in red, was barked at by an enfuriated oncoming rider, we shared a little “well good morning to him too” as I cycled past.  A jolly end to an aggressive start.  Some people just get on the wrong side of their saddle don’t they.

I’m inspired by this and want to start my own mission – both whilst cycling around Bristol and walking around, and I’ll even count when I’m in my car – most people have their windows wound down in the sun.

Join in yourself. Lets collate results.

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