Art, Collage, Drawing

Things I made the other night

Collaging from the sunday papers:

1. An astronaught with a big head

2. Nervous little boy in a red boxy thing

Art, Collage

WAFA Collective

The WAFA Collective (We Are Fucking Awesome)
Our hope is to bring together a community of artists, united by collaboration, to inspire one another. To have the sense of family and community restored, where we can belong and continue to give value to what we believe in. To have an open dialogue about everything we experience, and the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and tools.
How lovely this is! I aim to start/be part of something similar when the time is right for me. The work they create collaboratively is incredible. I talked about some of the artists who are part of WAFA in my post ‘Collage Inspiration‘ – my favorite two artists are Anthony Zinnos and Jesse Draxler
Future Journal
Part of an ongoing project involving collaborative journals. The future journal was initiated by JENKINS in early 2010. It made rounds through the UK, New Zealand, and the United States, wrapping up in September 2010.
Collage, Photography

Fings wot I found

Peter Hovey’s Love Blog – of people kissing / in love / together

Downtown From Behind –

Creative types riding their bikes around downtown New York City. (VIA Cup of Jo )

Jessalyn Aaland –
“Jessalyn Aaland is an artist, writer, musician and teacher based in Oakland, California. As an artist, she works primarily in collage, using stickers and found paper materials to create dreamy, utopic landscapes of human and other communities.”


Collage, Text Project

King Collage and Words

I am feeling like i really need to make some collages. This was the first in years. Nice scary faced man.

I’ve started a new cut-out-text piece, quite fittingly it says ‘This Is It’ but i’m trying to this of other good things to spell out. Nothing too cheesy, something life-affirming maybe, but short. Or nice words, or meaningful words. What do you think? Please help!
Things i have thought of so far:
Yum yum