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Two lovely things seen today

1. A 4-ish year old boy, holding onto the lead of his sheepdog. Mum 10 steps away and urging the dog to walk- dog is wondering why the little boy is walking him, not the mum, and is stood still. Mum plays game where she walks a bit (boy wines a bit) then turns around and slaps her thighs, tells the dog to come, in high-pitched dog voice. Dog gallops on (boy hysterically laughing) and repeat. Little kids look so cute taking care of their pets, and the dog was so puzzled. Mum was laughing hard. I told her it was cutr, she commented on the dog i was walking, we smiled and parted. Heart warming!

2. The mum’s daughter is walking another 10 steps ahead! Both hands lazily above her head, pointing roughly at the pelican crossing’s flashing light, nodding her head and bringing her arms down slightly each time the light blinks. Nearly walks into a
Grown man whilst doing this, and doesn’t notice; she is in a daze. The man laughs and smiles at me laughing.

Both these sights and interactions spoke strongly to me today. I couldn’t stop grinning. Talk more and smile more to people on the street! it makes you feel good.

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Animals with human mouths

A nice little Saturday project which has been both hilarious and addictive. I want to get good at this. Nice to play around on Photoshop. I think there is something special about the owl.

Email your animals and mouths to hello @ I want to make more.

All made using a variety of mine and my sister’s mouths.

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Aquarium: Anenomes and Sea Stars

A recent trip to Bristol Aquarium got me excited about colour again. It also interests me because these creatures are the perfect mixture of disgusting and beautiful. What do they feel like? Can you eat them?


 Sea Star

  Fish Eating Anenome

 Crazy thing. I feel like I made this and snuck it down there

Bit of research on the old google images, and I found these beauties:

 Fish Eating Urticina

 Pink Sea Star

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Squeaky Frog

Whilst away in Serbia at Exit Festival, on the walk home to the apartment on the Saturday night, I heard a very loud squeaking noise. I followed my ears and found two cats looking sheepish behind a bush. Were they watching over their kittens? No. They were playing with a frog, and every time they poked the (small) frog with a paw, it made a squeak, not dissimilar to the squeak a chew toy makes.

Obviously, this was hysterical. Since arriving home I have found two brilliant youtube videos, one of a squeaky frog and one of a screaming frog. Incredible. My research tells me that most frogs can squeak, and it’s a defense mechanism, to get predators to get off ’em.

Squeaking frog:

Screaming frog:

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Emily Warren’s animal heads

I spent a day in the Handmade shop in Brighton last week. My friend Angela Chick is part of the art collective who run the not-for-profit shop. There’s lots of lovely things in the shop, my favourite being these animal heads by Emily Warren.

All images are the copyright of Emily Warren 2010 (apart from the silly last one)

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I tried to draw her seagull