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The Mapping of Jerry Gretzinger

The Mapping of Jerry Gretzinger. From 1963 to the Stopping Point

Started drawing a map, it started as a doodle. Hefinished a whole page and found himself moving onto other pages, joining them up.

One piece a day. He goes to his studio as soon as he wakes up. Spending time re-mixing paints. He’s made a deck of cards which he chooses one from, which instructs him on which of his half-finished maps he will firstly archive, and then work on. Other cards have different instructions.

This was a great video, I love how much detail there is about Jerry’s working process and the structures behind his making.

Jerry is working on exhibiting the entire project:

The concept is that the installation will be about half complete when the show opens on October 5 and will continue until Saturday afternoon, the 6th. Visitors will be able to watch the process. I will be there helping and, when the installation is done, will be working in my on-stage studio and answering questions. The show will close on Sunday the 14th or the following day. We’ll be more specific soon.

How I wish I likes in America and could see this!

Screen shots taken from this video


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