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Two New Things I’ve Found This Weekend

First of all, I found And Sew for Today: A daily project where Emma Ruth Hughes chooses one random word a day to depict.

“Each morning, I use a internet based random word generator to choose a word then I sew it, by hand. I’m not using patterns or pre-planning, just grabbing some fabric and thread and stitching the first thing that comes into my head. It’s an experiment in typography, embroidery and fun.”

And the bit I like the most is that she is looking for fabric donations, enabling you to become part of her project. More on donating fabric to the project here.

Here are my favourite pieces from Emma’s project.

The second thing is by Kris Atomic, a Brighton based freelance illustrator and writer of a very eye-pleasing blog. She has posted about various iPhone/iPad photography apps. (Pictureshow, Shakeitphoto, Crossprocess, Osmo Leaker, Hipstamatic, 360, Picframe, Fuzel, Mr Chiizu, and so many more) See the blog post here. She even made .GIF’s showing before and after editing using the different Apps. I think it’s wonderful and she has certainly saved me a lot of time! I have swiftly bought  Easytitler and Snapseed as a result.


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