Bristol, Cycling

Cycling Club

I’ve been organising this lovely bike ride from Bristol to Bath and back. We just cycled our fourth journey. It’s so lovely, spending the day with friends (a mix of friends, and my separate pockets of friends are becoming friends with each other and friends are bringing their separate friends and integrating them too.) I want to extend it more to others – maybe on Twitter more. And now it’s Spring, the weather wil be on our side more, and more time can be spent in the lovely beer gardens in Bath and between. On the this bike ride, I took some bike portraits of the eight of us, a nice little record.


One thought on “Cycling Club

  1. Purkiss says:

    Pleased to have been able to join one of the rides at long last – and with such good weather yesterday. I will return again, if only to ensure I get a groovy photograph of me + bike! They are great. Here’s to Nailsea and Clevedon.

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