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VIA Character strengths

Authentic Happiness is a brilliant website full or resources and questionnaires about the very broad subject of happiness. I completed the VIA test on Character Strengths, which takes about 15 minutes of your time, and provides you with a list of your character strengths – in order – so you can see your top and your bottom strengths. It’s really interesting, and the website saves your results so you can go back months later and see if you’ve gained any new strengths. All three of us here at Light Box completed the test, and turns out that we are all sharing some strengths. Myself and Kath have 4 of our top strengths in common!


3 thoughts on “VIA Character strengths

  1. Senor V. says:

    Hey Lucy, how did you get this layout for the top 5 strengths ? I only got graphs where there is just the comparison with certain groups.

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