Resolutions 2011

  • Seize creative opportunities. Film stills, faces, take photos.
  • Remember: ‘my work is a translation of what I see in life, things that excite me’ and get on with it
  • Fridays are mine for creating
  • Social exercise: roller skating, long bike rides, hula-hooping
  • Get really fit!
  • Pursue beat-boxing as a hobby
  • Productively steer Light Box with love and dedication. have fun constantly.
  • A personal diary maintained – an output for cloggy thoughts
  • Be proactive and regular in maintaining relationships. Keep in touch
  • Plan a New Zealand trip for late 2011. an adventure, a catch-up and for creating/exhibiting artwork
  • Up at 7. Note any dreams down and write in diary

Happy New year to you! And that’s the end of 2010. I feel thankful for this year, which has in truth been very hard at times, it has felt like a test. And I passed. Life is fantastic, I’m in a completely different place to where I was at the start of 2010, and enjoying myself hugely. Thank you friends, family, everyone.


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