Light Box

Launching the Light Box blog

I have just launched the Light Box blog on Blogger! I did have the blog in the Light Box website, but I think blogs should be kept on blogger – they get more hits, people can follow them easier, and it’s much more simple to blog on Blogger. It’s a great feature of Blogger – being able to have more than one blog. and I can allow Lucy D to write for the new blog too, perfect.

Incase you didn’t already know, Light Box is my charitable organisation. I am one half of its management, the Creative Director. We run a series of art workshops which advocate positive psychology, and had a manic month in March where we held 40 workshops, all free, in an empty shop in Bristol.

We’ve just finished writing our project report, and are now very busy patting ourselves on the back whilst thinking about the next project – which is to have our own premesis for a whole year, teaching stand-alone workshops and also courses, all for free to everyone and anyone.

Please have a look at the blog and spread the word!


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