Poppies, Thoughts

Portugal Poppies

I’m in Carveiro in Portugal, and during the week of extra holiday due to the volcano, I have been pretty bored.

I finished all my books:
– A million little pieces by James Frey
– The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
– Generation X by Douglas Coupland
– A box of Matches by Nicholson Baker

All were Great, especially the Murakami which I’ve owned for 4 years and never quite red. It’s massive. And I loved it, I can’t even describe it.

So after the books were all read, I started writing letters to friends, writing a ‘holiday journal’, writing a personal journal, playing shit-head, playing Angry Birds on my phone and walked around a lot.

There are lots of wild flowers here, many pathes of unkept land. Lots of birds and bugs and also lots of my favourite flower, the poppy. I have picked hundreds, all transported back to my hotel room to be pressed in my sketchbook. They will take a couple of weeks to dry and become super thin and dry. Ill add them to my collection of dried poppies, which i am going to make something with one day soon. They are so fragile and ephemeral, just what I like.


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