3D, Art, Silly

Paul Granjon – Zprod

Paul Granjon is a wonderful, machine making man.

“I am interested in the co-evolution of humans and machines.
I build robots and other machines for shows in performances, galleries, festivals and television.”

And this – the antigravitational vehicle for cats video

He makes songs using his handmade 40cm long ‘Zitare’, here they are. Have a listen to them!  I especially like ‘La chanson du cherry pie song’

Fluffy tamagotchi’ Property of Paul Granjon
a little film about him here
Furman’ Property of Paul Granjon
“I saw Furman in a dream… I sketched the creature in my diary in the morning: a 6 foot furry thing with no arms and furry legs, delivering karate kicks in the air. A few weeks later, I decided to build the creature.”
Imagine if we all made the thing we see in our dreams? Mr Granjon’s immediacy is great, if only we all shared it.
Here’s his website.

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