Barfoot and Duggan, Thoughts

Flyers and Business Cards

The time has come for me to print flyers and business card. But it’s so expensive! I decided to go with the option of photo printing, using matte instead of gloss photo paper. Boots Photo have a deal where if you join, you get 40 free prints. most big photo developers like Tesco and Asda have this deal too, but Boots seems to be the only one who can provide matte paper.

So I’ve bought over 900 photographs, which was about £50, these will be flyers for ‘There’s More To Life Than Lists’, flyers for my Text Project, Barfoot & Duggan business cards (4 on one photo, which i have to cut up) and Text Project business cards. AND photos from the last year and a half to update my photo album. I’m very pleased with the finish too, thanks Boots. Thoots.

Oh, I much prefer Moo Cards, they are gorgeous, but quite expensive, so next time, little moo cards.


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