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The Surface/Space/Time Exhibition is on now!

Lucy Barfoot
Ladle Moulds 2009
Glues, Watercolor ink, water, wire

My colours are sickly and my matter is sweet. I want to satisfy. I want to fulfil the materiality of objects, allowing them to talk. What is it to sense the texture, shape, and the smell? The viewer forms a unique relationship, which I have no control over.

The letting go and holding onto control has a powerful effect on my work. The process of gathering objects is something I ‘have to do’, similar to my compulsion to repeat actions. My practice is obsessive and process-led. I am physically absorbed into a daze of making.


1. View from the door – I wanted people to enter the space, get close to the sculpture. I worked on the lighting to create a semi-lit, eerie feel. The Crypt is such a haunting place, I thought I could dull-down my bright sculpture to fit the space better – but once people got close, the piece was more vivid.

2. Detail of ladle moulds with light shining through. Reminded me of stained glass windows. The color was different from behind.

3. Me in the sculpture. Hello!


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