Barfoot and Duggan, Bristol

The Lucy Party: Desperately Seeking Lucy

We made a pinata – shame it looked like boobs/testicles though

11 Lucy’s in total, 13 including Barfoot and Duggan. Next time, hundreds!
Pegs to hang completed questionnaires. Balloons hanging from the tree’s
Lovely big oak tree in Brandon Hill park, Bristol
Lucy scrolls – each containing the questionnaires, a Lucy pencil and a name-tag.

The Lucy picnic was perfect. I had such a gorgeous Saturday, amongst some lovely people, all called Lucy. It was great to meet you all, and hopefully some of the Lucy’s who didn’t make it will come along next year.

Barfoot and Duggan are going to make this a yearly event, we’re looking to create more interest and involvement with the next picnic – finding a Lucy who has/knows of a nice indoor space to use if the weather is bad, Lucy’s who can help us stuffing envelopes/posting letters/putting up adverts/promoting to local magazines. It’s going to be big!

We had an as in Venue magazine – we didn’t even realise! And Venue have review & picture of the party – it’s not in this week’s, but was promised to be, so fingers crossed for next week’s edition.


One thought on “The Lucy Party: Desperately Seeking Lucy

  1. It's me says:

    thinking.., what is the collective noun for Lucy?

    A ‘ray’ of Lucys perhaps?

    or, sounding a little nicer, perhaps it should be:

    A Lucy Ray

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