Barfoot and Duggan, Bristol, Light Box

Barfoot and Duggan Biography

Lucy Barfoot and Lucy Duggan met on Remembrance Day 2008 at 4pm. Barfoot got there first, and asked a lady in Café Kino, the designated meeting place, ‘Are you Lucy?’ To which she replied, ‘Yes.’ But she looked confused. So Barfoot asked her, ‘Are you the Lucy that’s meeting Lucy?’ And she said no. Duggan came in moments later.

The meeting had been arranged through Gumtree, the local ad website. Barfoot had replied to a posting of Duggan’s, which requested people’s to do lists. As Barfoot was a list collector herself (shopping lists), lived up the road and was also called Lucy they decided to meet up and swap lists in person to save on postage.

That day in Café Kino, Barfoot and Duggan decided they would make a joint installation of their lists. This can be seen at Centrespace Gallery off Corn Street in Bristol from October the 8th and is called ‘There’s more to Life than Lists’ They became friends and more creative plans soon followed.

Less than a month after meeting, Barfoot and Duggan did a three day stall at Carboot Circus, an alternative Christmas fair. Here they sold Thread Bears, the last ever Woolworth’s Pic’n’Mix sweets, monster umbrellas, blind drawing portraits and big face Polaroids. It seemed to make people really happy. And here the idea for Light Box was born.

Light Box is Barfoot and Duggan’s creative inclusion scheme. Here we provide workshops to increase wellbeing. These combine visually creative activities with techniques from the field of positive psychology.


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