Art, Barfoot and Duggan, Bristol

Do you know anyone called Lucy or Lucie?

Dear Lucy,

You are invited to a picnic for Lucys/Lucies. We are holding this picnic because we are both called Lucy and we have an interest in social connectedness, human behavior and fun.

PLACE: Brandon Hill Park (off Park Street), Bristol – follow the balloons…
TIME: 14:00 – 17:00
DATE: 4th July 2009
BRING: There will be food and drinks available, but do feel free to contribute in any way you can.

There will be games and quizzes plus the unique opportunity to meet dozens of other Lucys who share your wonderful name.

Please ring/write/text/email to RSVP so that we have an idea of numbers, but feel free to invite any other Lucys that you know, We want this to be as big as possible. NB Don’t bring anyone who is not called Lucy! (With the exception of carers and guardians)

We hope to see you there

Lucy Barfoot & Lucy Duggan


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