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A warning to Arts Graduates: The Creative Times

After my London Free Range degree show, I recieved an email from ‘Bird River Love God’ who goes by the email and the website

He told me how much he loved my work, and that he wanted me to feature in his magazine, The Creative Times. I stupidly handed over £200 after speaking to him on the phone, and deciding I could trust him. BAD IDEA. There is talk of Bird having done this before, taken about 20 young artist’s £200 and giving them nothing in return.

He approached me in July, it’s now May, this magazine was due to be produced at the end of 2008, distributed to all the arts galleries in London, sent to major art dealers, it sounded great!

I now envision more of a collective effort. Not least reason being that I don’t particularly like being responsible for everything. Once the mag is printed, I’m going to be asking you guys to distribute it.”

So let this be a warning to everyone, I hope if he contacts people, they will have the sense to at least google his name, (like I did – but nothing was found when I was searching)
DO NOT give him your money. I have given up hope with this Creative Times, what was once so exciting and flattering to me, is becoming more and more of a scam. I wonder if i will ever see a magazine, and if it’ll be any good at all.


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